Music in Hot is a fabolous mix of songs that will make you feel like riding a unicorn on the top of the rainbow. You can hear the latest top hits as well as the hits from the 80's and 90's. Here everyone feels like dancing!

Hot for Hire

Hot has capacity for 400 people including vip room (cap.20) and is suitable for: -bachelor/ bachelorette parties -private birthday celebrations -christmas parties and whatever is your wish -just give us a call

Night Club

HoT Open Mind is a nightclub in which gender, preferences, prejudices and stereotypes make way for tolerance. It is not a traditional gay club, but a tolerance club that celebrates openess in life and fun. HoT Open Mind offers live DJ shows, theamed party nights and guarantees great atmosphere both on and off the dance floor every weekend. Free spirits and minds are welcome!

Dj Clark


Dj Paris


Dj Tomas